excuse and new begin.

i wanted excuse mi readers i just fall out. The raeson was verry simple kidney cancer. I was very close by death; And recover is very hard. Mi kidney remove have happens one 3 april 2014. And i was end stage 2; it seems that al the other problems where doctors don t find the cause where connect with this. one this moment i feel the change. and i misse miself.

I have train hard. balance, coordination, reading, writing, memory. mindfulnes training  iIs a ful program. its a search to find, what i am. A overcome nightterrors, stress, medical research. argue with the family, fear and depression.

But finily i do back mi babysteps in the direction from sharing. time for a new beginning..


love is

love is

poem be kind to me

be kindly to me

i know mi english is not perfect.  I dont care. i write like it is in mi mind.

For present day s even sheakspeare is not correct.

I write to excersise mi brain, mi desease have up and downs.

i share for who love it. the others spare me from your corrections and better knowing.

thank you

chinese foxfarms

The Chinese “Fox Farms” Where Thousands Of Animals Are Clubbed To Death To Feed The Global Fashion Market

Puffing casually on a cigarette, a farmhand dangles a white fox by its tail as he clubs it to death with a stick.

The method is simple yet brutal – and just one of a variety of ways China’s controversial Fox Farms slaughter the animals in the name of fashion.

Others include breaking their necks under a boot or stomping on their heads. Activists say they are the lucky ones. The more docile foxes who don’t struggle are simply strung up and skinned alive to save their slaughterers time and energy.

Those who live nearby say the stench of death hangs in the air while chilling howls of fear and pain can be heard rising from the compound night and day.

When the fur is finally peeled off over the animals’ heads, their naked, bloody bodies are thrown onto a pile of those who have gone before them.

Yet even with their pelt removed, some are still alive, gasping for air and blinking slowly for as long as ten minutes as they wait for death, say activists.

china farm

gratefull dogs

gratefull dogs

blessed are the persons who take action to make this planet a better place to live.
because live is like a spiderweb, we are al connect with each other. Suffering attack us soul in aggressive way. Al habitats one this earth feel pain, and fear for the death. the time is passing. If we humans are intelligence beings. We recognize animals have feelings. The greatness from a person is in his compassion with the weak and defend less.

Development of a budgie, from hatching to adulthood. This entire process takes only 40 days

Development of a budgie, from hatching to adulthood. This entire process takes only 40 days

the magic of live !!! 40 days for a little miracle


it seem difficult to share 1 tape . i wanted share landscapes, but wordpress shows the elephants from the zoo. it is nice to see too.



grown in Belgium, mi country. also known as gnome house. the little people with beard and red pinhat. For me personal i find it the most beautiful toadstool. He is poisonous, so don’t eat. mi homespeaken say vliegenzwam

what i can miss in mi live

what i can miss in mi live

getting headache

getting headache