2013 to becoming 1

Live is music and music is feed for the soul. 
Evry movement, breathing create sound. together is , is the music of live.

2013 a timecircle is ended a new era is started. for many invisible. For the ones familiar with lightwork, ascension, have exsperience so much, their al need a time to rest. After the struggle s normal one normal human live, like misbuse,fear,and betread by friends, shifting from what we belief and seeing the truth. Finaly understand the why. is also for me come s a time to rest.

Live show itself in many beautyful things. Exsperience,friendship,moments from divine contact. in live you never know what is behind the edge. I like the share. I dont wanted anylonger cut me in piece s. like the spiritual me, and the human who excist upon the planet earth.

In mi mind, mi awarness i created mi ideal planet. I build piece by piece. One the end i found it is just like the earth. A little bigger so more livingspace for al the creatures, and a day from 26,5 hours; because each of us have proxy 2,5 hour to short in a day. Meaby i can ad a extra day, so we al have a long week end. What you always must keep in mind if you read mi blog. Not evrything is complete truth. Dreams and desire can trick the mind. I want not go in siilly discussion because your exsperience is different. Evry soul walk his own individual path; and al the exsperience color his vieuw and understanding.  
Somtimes i shal talk in the name of Efron the gatekeeper. Somtimes just as Margaretha. Both are exspressions from mi multidimensional soul. because its time for unity. I stat to become 1.
So welcome. En joy the ride from existence

if you like mi page and wanted support here. To get here complete one line. Sponsorsship and donations are welcome.

mi paypal is connected with margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com. 


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