never alone

From the point of start from us existence. the moment we becoming born,until the time we die, and we become born again. Live after lives. We seems surround with others. Who protect us,who guide us. Their learn us, beautyful things,give us friendship,support us. Be always close to us, so we can enjoy

But also their are the ones,who desire is to destroy us; ,use us, give us hard times ,haunted us one evry level, from low straigt to the highest source. From that 2 kinds who comes and go. seems that the ones who desire is to give us hard times, and draging down staying the longest in us compagny.

Their are souls who responded one love, but also who need to have a real kick in the ass before their understand the message.

People like to say evrything is love. Its depend one with side you ended up.. People who dying from hungry,work as slave, be born in war die in war, live one street, fight evry day just survive the day, whitout hope for morning. Shal just laugh when you tell them this. the animals who become torture and misbuse, dont experience love. If love is a energy instead of a feeling you can be right. But it just so easy to say evrything is white energy,evrything is light,evrything is sound. But al of them have no feelings. the nucleair bomb is the brightest light we ever have see one earth. But she brings the dead. The lighting  is  energy and light bring dead to the ones who he strike . Love is more, its a hug, a kiss, it are signs showing evry day, that you like me. and to exsperiene this. i need a body to touch, and awarness to appriciate it.

have a blessed live if you like me. Otherwise keep your own buisness


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