the end of Atlantis

Hey, this is Efrona the sweet singing bird who sit one the roof of the temple, in the centre of Atlantis. Its about 12 000 years back in time from today earthtime. I think; i be not so bussy counting years.
I sing for the golden one, i trink the water from the templeroof, i search seeds,crumbs, insects one the templecourt. so in evrything i be blessed. An when i sing mi song, i see the time and ages go by.
A history to long to tell complete.
A watch the battle for power between the priest of Atlantis. I know ; humans admire this people, for their knowledge from science. And their flying with machines around the world, have beautyful clothes, whearing gold.
So perfect in body, and like angels with their golden hair. But in their heart, tribes the same desire. To be the most powerful, and also the most rich. and the priest count the ones, who bow for them.
Their mark them, just like their mark their slaves. Slaves you ask? Of course slavery is not new. It excist almost upon evry planet, among evry race, and in evry civilization.
The most intteligence, the most creul, the one whit the most knowledge, most money, have alway rule over the weak, the uninformt , the poor.
To understand, if you was not knowing it. Their where two sacred temple in the capital city. The one was a big shiny pink marble palais. In short the pink temple. Who have in the midst a oval lounge. in the front the Sun mirror. Round and surround with golden flames like the sun. When you look in him. You dont see yourself.
But your soulflame. This flame dont show any difference. Between the priest, the servant, our even a animal. For the mirror was evrybody equil. He stand for the symbol from the first creator.
In the front of the mirror, stand a crystal skull. Around this lounge was a walk aula. And than you get twelve meditationrooms for the priest. When the priest comes togheter on the monthly holy day. Their set themself in meditation, and seperate the lightbody. to comes togehter in the lounge for 24 hours.
The highpriest was housing in a seperate quarter. And serve as contact for the crowd outside.
Once a year one the start of the new year, their al enter with the body the temple lounge. after a 3 day cleansing ritual. And their sing sacred songs, who i never have understood. But whenn their singing. the skull started to glow.

One the other site of the citycentre, the big square, stand a crystalpyramide, with surround twelve pilars. one each a crystal skull. and before each pilar stand the priest singing, until al the skulls glows. The highpriest enter the east in front of the pyramide. If he was singing, you feel the city trembling , than the water, and the waves go forwards out mi sight. The pyramide start to glow. and for the eyes of all, the higpriest walk trough a invisible door in the pyramide. And i was unable to see him for 24 hours. I have no idea what happining inside.
So one the end of the big timecircle, the priest from the pink marble temple got the idea to bring the twelve skulls in the templeroom. Because generation have become born and die. Our leave the earth back to their home. Nobody was knowing exact what must be doing with this happening. Their where found sheets of papers. But their where bringing more dispute. and the dispute was becoming war.
The priest, magician start a war whit all their tricks. So firebals like lightings, where shooting over the city.
Burning the houses from the habitats, even reachr the harbour deastroying ships. In short time the complete city was in fire and trembling. When floors breaking down, and open the gateway to sea. Evrybody who was able to run try to escape. A lot fleed and search rescue in the little space discs. Overloaded their lift up to the space. Other search a stil working flymachine, our a ship. Hoping to reach the mainland.
The priest suddenly adware from the effect , from their fights. Run into the temple crying inlamentation. Ripping their clothes and wait to become drawn.
Me i fly with al mi force and speed, and succeed to reach a ship, where i rest and bring miself in safety.
We just have landed safe, and run to the mountains. I flow above the heads in panic with them.
We hear a terrible noice, and look behaind. in the far we see the city dissapear in sea. And with here a lot of water was gone, and the beach was so big like the dessert. Se even faster we try to escape. But rummbling was a big wall of water, speeding up to the land. never i have see such much water, never i have feel so much fear.
This flood destroy almost tree quarter of the earth. earthquakes makes the surface unsafe. Than i give it up. I lift up and fly. But only with mi soul.

write and al rights by Dont copy, dont replace. have respect for the writer.
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