U.F.O. sight

Standing still, without any movement, We were all looking to the sky. To that strange shining thing.
We were so hypnotized by what we saw. Nobody of the ten of us thought one moment to grab his digicam,cellphone our handycam. We were all just standing as statues.
A silver shiny disc, turns, and turns, shows acrobatic moves and then just disappears in a speedy flash.
In silence we were going home looking pale white like a ghost.
Our parents wanted to know, what had happened. But our story shock them even more.
So their where discussions, between themselves. What did we see? An angel? An U.F.O. ?
Or where we all using drugs? The situation became a rumour among the neighbors, to the far away families and also their all of their the friends. Then came the newspapers, the tabloids, and soon the government.
They took us all then to a research centre, and seperated us from each other.
Meanwhile they went to research the place from the view, searching for hallucinative plants or mushrooms.
But there was nothing found. Just a little disturbance in the magnetic field.

So then I was next, they started with bloodwork, brainsscan. And asked a thousand times the same questions. Over and over. Until I broke, crying and screaming. They tried hypnosis. But nothing more was able to calm me down. After a year their started with electroshocks.
Two years after the start, my parents succeed to get me free and bring me home.
I was changed, broken and lost the will to live. So I died soon.
This day s, lot U.FO. researcher and tourist still visit my tomb, with the true inscription.
She saw them fly!!!!


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