like you to tell the story of my homecoming…

As it begins;

Back in a body that befits me. A bit taller and a bit slender. My hair is thicker, i wear a braid around my head, and a long ponytail. I’m wearing a white bright dress in abundance that feels very lightly around my body. Of course, the sun is shining. I feel happy. Finally i get to go back home. I admit that i feel a lot of homesickness.

I walk across mountains, just below the snow line. A small gravel path is winding up around the hill, which doesn’t allow me to see very much in the distance. A thick energetic kind of mist hides away the depth beneath me. Beside me, all of the dogs i got to know during this lifetime, are cheerfully walking with me, playfully sniffing around, running, while i’m holding the smallest and most vulnerable of the pack close to my body and heart.

I am wearing a shepherds staff, decorated with ribbons and flowers, to make the walk easier on myself. The closer i approach my village, the happier i start to feel. It’s a special kind of happiness, one of the like that i never got to experience on earth or any other planet ever!
It is the sort of joy of being where i belong…home! Safe and loved. This in particular is very important. It is what i miss the most on earth.

Oh yes, people here are nice…untill they decide i am too crazy a person for them. I hear how they claim to be of the light, to speak with divine words…untill…
And than they start eating animals; cows, horses, pigs, some of them will even eat dogs. They smoke cigarettes, they drink alcohol. Jesus told that they could. Well, my Jesus certainly did not. Does he teach earthlings otherwise than he teaches us at home??

I diverge.

Memory’s on my way back home. Look, i make a last turn and there in the distance, just beneath the sun i see the village growing bigger. Houses like temples in white marble that reflect the brightness of the sun while creating even more light light light!!!!! Oh how i have missed this light.
What makes these houses even more special, is the fact that although they are small on the outside, the bigger and grand they are on the inside. The more you walk around them while shining out your love, the bigger and more beautiful decorated they get.

I start to walk faster. Now that i am getting more closer, it seems like time is passing slower and everything starts to feel more slow motion. I don’t seem to get going forward. But suddenly i am standing at the edge and see how the other faces start to recognize me. The faces of the children are starting to light up. « Look! There she is, there she is!! ». Young woman and men, all of the age between 25 and 30 years old are coming, running out on the street towards me. Everybody is dressed in white. All woman are wearing the same long white dresses, and the man are wearing white yoga suits.
No, we are not Angels. As a contrast to Angels, we have black hair. The men all have short black hair, beard and moustache. The woman’s hair depends from black to brown. We are people; Lightsouls.

The children have never seen dogs before. So they are very surprised, and in full excitement they come running our way. As a result of all the joy, the dogs also start to run their way while happily barking and eager to play with them. Just at the very moment they are ready to jump into each other’s arms, my dogs start to shift into children. Children embracing children like long missed friends. Welcome home!

This ‘home’ lives on in my memory and my heart. It is this ‘remembering’ and the knowledge of it, that one day i get to go back there, that makes me survive. If you know this world, know how much it hurts when they tell you that you are a human now, and that you need to stay here. Know how much it hurts me that everyday i need to witness the abuse of animals, and how they get eaten. How much it hurts when i get laughed at while saying how wrong things are around here, knowing how many chilren that have to live and survive on the street, living like rats, getting abused among many other horrible things.

You speak of karma? But we haven’t done anything wrong when we enter this earth. All those beautiful children-souls are coming from a likewise place to help this world, to teach what real love is. What these earth people don’t seem to realise, is that we experience more trauma, have more scars in our souls, after just one lifetime on this earth than we would experience in 1000 other places alltogether. We are called unworldly…softy’s…gullible…too trustworthy…too honest…too nice…too beautiful. So we need to change to your kind of standards…

Don’t you realise at all, people? The intention is that you all change and start to become more like we are.

No copying: margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com


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