I can tell you how it was. The land that has illuminated at each step. How do we were in villages around the campfire. A log was our seat. The old gray men in a rough white dress ,told the dipe mysteriën of life and universe . Close to each other, under a darkbleu sky. Knowing that there was no danger. Or better i knew not what danger or fear was at that time, there was only unity, confidence, security, and everything was to base time was not counted. We could wander in the large forests. And we were always evening at home in good time and there was no lost or search. We love our earth, its animals, its trees, its flowers, its spices, and everything they had and has even more. 1x per year we went to the temple, sing and dance, flowers in our hair,and gold ornaments. The only 3 days to a year we decorate usself with gold jewels . Arriving around the templeIf we wait we sing,
And then in rays of light manifist the 2 witnesses, if great lightpilars they are there, the whole environment soothing. Their light to the earth, in the trees, and they did at all. We feel the enrgie along our feet take-offs. We are so pleased. There is now an almost unbearbare light. The word carriër. our beloved teacher, here he is the Christ. The Jesus Christ. He is with us the Tahaa. our heartchakra opend fully, and glows in his presence. When he speaks is also the energy fog. He makes us de Jung, and new, and vital. We trow roses to him and he is the envoy that words of life which our soul enpower, which let us understand. 3 days we have been blessed. By his presence. 3 Holy days. We established our karma in an opportunity to shake off. And after 3 days we are still a new life in, nothing is written in us as the good part. I say IT WAS, it is a remmeber that helps me through the difficult time. Because here I find the stories of my beloved and my light ,my live word. I know, there are a lot of people, who love him, and who have lessons in their hearts. But evry time if I see the cross with him. it is as though they warn me, tell not who you are, and why, because this is the fate of the rightful one and i am here, because he love this earth and people, . Only i did not have his greatness in patience. I do not have his courage. Neither his knowledge and his confidence, but I am here for him. This life. This service, and this is my gift to him.

be honest dont copy and repost. but share link if intrest

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