the little girl

I step out the shadow of the tree. And find miself one a open place in the forest, fresh green gras, full with daisy ‘s. The sun shine so bright, i blink mi eyes to able to see.
I hear a childsong. So nice voice, so pure.
Than i see the girl about 4-5 years.Half long brown hair. She happy skipping in the gras and somtimes she pick a daisy .She wears a white cotton dress. With red spots, short sleeves, and a little basket in here hand. In here compagny a little puppy.

I try to follow here, and feel the gras one my barefeet.
It feel cool and fresh. But with evry step i move forward.
She go further away. Until she dissapaer in the distance.

I slip away, and fal one mi back.In stead to bump one the ground. I keep falling, and falling. There becomes a deep darkness round me. Than back light. i struggle to breathe.
In the light showing faces, with green masc for the mouth.
I hear bip-bip-bip-bip. A flashlight in mi eyes.
Than a voice say ” yes we have here back”


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