Efron the gatekeeper why become angels human

Efron the gatekeeper
The heaven is not just one place. Their are seven heavens. And evry heaven is divide in several sections
Its necessary for the peace. If we just allow the humans like their are, in the heaven. Soon the situation is just so bad like the earth. So we split by religion, family,friends. exsperience one earth, good behaviour, good wil.
Heaven one and two our lower heavens. Heaven seven is the brighest and closet to God himself; Only the archangels, and the angels from prayer live their. And the people wo one earth calling saint, righteous people. With a peaceful heart. And servants from the truth.
Normal angels have no names. We have a title. gardians,protectors,writers,defenders,watchers,messengers. We have no need one names. Because we are just happy to call angel and do us duty.
Gatekeepers are differnts. We also act as defenders,protectors,gardians.
What is a gatekeeper?
Evry section have a gatekeeper. A angel with golden wings and lightsword. Like the title suggest we have the key to the gate from us section. For you humans. I cal miself Efron. I gard a section in the thirt heaven. One the moment their are only a few humans in. The first and second heaven are ful. But the thirt is more restricted. Thats why not many comes. A lot of mi angelsbrothers, from the thirt, fourth and fift have the same problems.
So we have come togheter to speak about the problem. It seem whit al the heavy noice, and distraction. People lost the ability to hear us whispering in their ears. And beside little children, are their have lost the ability to see us. We have spoke about the problems; and there was suggest meaby we can be come as humans, live as humans among them. So whe can speak dirrectly to them, and touch them. And if their feel the energy from us. the soft nice angel energy. Their comes a change in the heart. So their becoming back, peacfull and love to eachother.
We bring the idea right up to the sevent heaven. There was a lot talking, our it was a good idea. And the concern we have good tought to the troubles we go get live among humans.
But we decide to go forward with the plan. Straw are drawn to choose wo can go. And the humans in heaven where bring togehter in 1 section. so a lot of us become free to go.
The biggest problem was. we just where not able to pop up in a body in the midst from humans. Humans have birthcertificates,names, pasports and a lot other stuf. if you just come decend like the messengers have done it. Their go complete freak out. So we make the ultime sacrifies. and become born as humanchildren. Its a big challenge as angel. To try fit in a little body from a baby. So the most of us just hang around the body.
The big ones (parents,aunts,) become so crazy from this energy. Their wanted cuddle us the complete day.
So the most of us become real spoiled as child. The biggest danger is, that we become so use to al the love and kindness. We forgot the raison why we where comes. and go like so much to be human. We forgot we are angels.
So evry from us angels who comes to the earth have their own challenge. I hope in the future tell a lot from us exsperience upon the earth. For now its enough to understand how its comes that this day so many angels become human. Its not because whe are punish, our we where not satified with us lives in heaven. And not because we where jalous one the humans. it is just bacuse we like to share us nice peaceful place in heaven with the humans. We where comes. So whe can help you al to find the way.
for time being in peace i greet til next time. Efrom the gatekeeper.


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