a lot of complains

And the soul where standing in the front ,before the throne.
And the God ask:” Tell me little one. What is your concern?”
“Father” she says, ” i got a lot complains!!!. A got a lot of troubles in this live.
at first with mi parents, later with the schoolmates, and with mitt mi job.
And al the time, i have trust you, send mi prayers. But you have not answer me?
And look even now in the end. You have let me drawn in the ice cold water.
Where i have deserve this live?”
The God smiles. ” mi child” he says. Your parents where angels, who have feed, clothe, and love you.
They try to keep you out the troubles. But you choose, to do it your way. Instead of their way.
You wanted to be independently. and don’t let interfere with your choices.
One school you where hang out, with fake friends who bully others for fun. And you choose a job for the money. You have get money. but money can not buy happiness. The environment you work was rules by al kind of people, working to becomes rich. And make sacrifice and kill their feelings for money.
When you pray, you have always spoke, and say what you wanted.
Never ask what i wanted for you, and keep silence for mi answer.
The day your ship sunk. Your where late. Traffic was slow down. the cab get a flat tire. But even than you succeed to get a other cab, and pay extra to drive trough the red light. So you succeed to get one the ship.
When the alarm was go off. You where very close to a rescue boat. But you have run down to grab your values. By that time , the places where taken. So if i put it al together, its not me who you need to blame. But yourself.”

copyright: margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com


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