It seems to be like a big hospital. al the human body’s, under a white sheet. A lot of tubes entering the body.
And machines regulates the vital functions. Their all seems one the first look peacefull sleeping.
I try to count how many, but the numbers always slip away. The thing i see it are al young people, between the 20 and 30 years. with no sign of injuries. The ait smell strange. Somme point i get problems with breathing.
I cough. I open mi eyes and found miself strap one abed, with al kinds of tubes in me. it seems i left mi body, to see where i was. So soon mi eyes where open. a big sound go off. it hurts mi ears. Strange body’s comes running. dressed in overals, and before the face a dark shield. so i can not see it.
Their turn a wheel. i feel a strange taste in mi mouth. And glide away in the emptyness.


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