the start from humansacriefies

The 3 planets where standing in 1 line. So the the energetic beam was hitting the centre from the solardisc of the God statue.. The disc mirror the energy to the centre from a big crystal circle.
The lucky chooses one, nomite by his our she fine caractre. Beauty body and good healt.
The finest among al what you can find among the humans. waiting to teleport to the shining life star.
The homeplace from the Gods. So the music was excotic and the essence burning with a sweet smell.
Young people in their white and gold dresses sing the glory from the sun God. And trow flowers alover the floor. So we al wait for the glorifie moment. The choosen one shal accepted. To travel to the Gods.
And he/she shal living among them. Only this time. Nothing happens, one the sacred moment.
A moment the music and singing stopped. The highpriest become anxious. In his mind he seas ,how his power and autoritie faiting away. Whitout the Gods, he is nothing and useless.
Than he got a idea. Acting like he is in trance. He grab a sword from a gardian. Screaming:” in Rah’s name” he kill the choosen one. He lift up the sword above his head. Shouting ” the spirit of Rah was in me.” ” this is the way to let the soul travel to the gods, from this day forwards.

This was the start from humansacriefies for the sungod.


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