Efrona the choosen one

Efrona was choosen, as sacriefie for the God. She was just 21 and a beauty. Here parents give her about 2 years ago, to the temple. After the visit from the highpriest at there home. He is a old man, so old nobody knows his real age. Their saying he was born out a father who live in the prime temple one the forbitten island. His mother was a niece from farao himself. His granfather was visit by the gods in his palace. In their silver bird their have be descent to come talk with the old farao. It was the last time the gods, have give a sign from their existence and protection. Their have handed over a lot of holyitems and also papers with instuctions to the farao. than there place themself in the holy circle and dissapear. Because the Farao s themself live 3 to 5 times longer as the normal humans. evrybody have forgot the exact time. Their where perform several sacriefies where the choosen one just teleport to the living star from the gods. Until the new way was introduced to kill the choosen one with the sword in the heart. and than give the choosen one a royal funeral and burried in the same familyground as the Farao himself.
So soon after efrona was comi living in the temple and het cleancingritual was fulfill. The highpriest start with his advances. After several attempt to get here in his bed he have become furious.
So now he have pointed here as next blessed, to be sacriefie to the sungod.
In the 2 years she live in the temple Efrona loose here faith in the gods. and more important in the divine guidence to choose the blessed, to go live, among the farao’s and gods in the next live.
She knew that before here first a other was choosen. But after she have spend a few nights in the bedroom from the highpriest. And she have refuse again to accept the invitation to sleep with him. She is pointed as the blessed sacriefie.
So tommorrow it was the start from the ceremony who takes now 3 days. The first 2 day s she must sit one atrohn ddress up like a qeeun. and the 3 e day the farao have sex with here so she can carried his semen with to the gods and there she shal give birth to his children. The priest and farao have even find more to ad to the ceremony s. baby’s. children who where drop one the templestairs and where not a year old. Become sacriefies the first and the second day. after the killing their become burnd. so the smell from their flesh please the gods.
Already she and the babys where move to the special quarters whete the choosen one become prepared for the most important part in the ceremony. Die for the pleasure from the gods.


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