Efrona the choosen one 2

This year there was only 1 baby available for the sacriefies, and the highpriest was in a bad mood for this.
Efrona hear him crying in here room. Careful she sneak out and find him. He just lay one a stone whit a thin sheet to protect him for the cold. it was obviously he have hungry and was in discomfort. it was out here wil Efrona reach out and hold the baby to here heart. Comfort by the soft touch he keep stil.
The ones who have nothing more to loose, find courage to do things, theirself have never tought to be able to perform. So Efrona left the templecompound. When evrybody sleep, she run to the dessert.In that time the dessert was not so big, and not so hard to survive as present day’s, there where busches thorns and a lot of fertile places , wells and even smal streams. It was just not habit by people, only goat and sheeps sheppards.
But the most important it was the border between the tribes.Egypte and Tabail. She Efrona have sea the strange ¬†tradesman. with differents clothes,beards and hair, a little bigger and more muscle as the Egyptian man are. For somme unknown raeson, the farao seems to respect them and find peaceful relations with them, important. The most important she knew from them was their repulse from humansacriefies. Their have always refuse to be part from any ceremony to the Egyptian gods. And even refuse the farao to greet as a god. Their adress him as” king from Egypt”, but refuse the second part ” son of Rah” Their saying things where evrybody else in Egypt was bring to dead. So she think if their where alow to speak this way to the almighty farao,whitout a punishment. If she was able to reach them, she can plead for sanctuary and protection.
She have no idea how long the travel shal take. But she have evrything to loose, and evrything to win.
So she run in the light of the ful moon. In a speed here foots almost float over the ground. Soft like one wings. If there was a time,, a compassion god exist. its now the time to reach this kindhearted creature. Who have did that no one before here, even have think. Run away for the choosen faith. Its time now to show himself.
She challenge the god evrybody fears. Not only redrawn herself as sacrifie, but also steal the other precious gift. A boy from about 4 months old.
In despair, she forgot that so soon is discover here act. the rage of the highpriest shal turns against here family. And that have always the power of the priests; if their have not have what their choose. thier treaden the family. Parents, brothers, sisters. I know present time, people look back. seeing the pyramides and the great works from the Egyptian civilication. But their forgot, it is bought with blood and live from thousands avarage people, slaves,, labourman. People whit out any rights. And to only glorifie the farao. In evry time, it have be that the ones, who rules in cruelity, bring greatest work and legacy. their have use many things to stay in power. Religion, fear , manipulation.
So if one like Efrona find a way to run and choose here own path. it leave a mark in time. It is a so mayor act it shake the complete civilisation. disturb the civilisation in the deep roots.


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  1. And yet an other crack in the Matrix. And yet another Brave One who dears to Speak the Truth…Way to go Sister!

    Love You!


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