Efrona 4

 Efrona 4

So the young boy, was searching his goat. special because she have a lamb? He call in hope to hear here mehmeh.
Like evry morning he have opens the gate and count his flok. he was afraid to tell his father, he have lost their best goat. And in his hurry to go home, the evening before. he have not count the goats, like he normal do evry evening to be sure there where al follow at home to the stable.
It was tradition, a boy from his 6 years go to help herd the flok, when he is 8 he did it alone. of course he was not just drop alone. In day older brothers comes passing by to check one him. Their herding the camels, train horses, make sadles and gear for them. and also the farming one the field. and a lot other heavy labour.
Like the work in the city making bricks,fourniture, biulding. It wa also the grown mans duty to slaughter the animals to eat. the souls from woman and children are to fragile to experience this.
Their al believing, taking care for goats,sheeps and donkeys, make the youngsters healty and responable grown ups. One fix times the herds from differents family comes togheter by the waterpool. in good years where there was more green. Their comes even togheter with the flocks, to play together.
So it was the first time he missed a goat. he have hope to find here somewhere around the fences our one the way to home.So close to the waterpool. not have found here and not seeing here ,makes him verry nervous.
Soon shal arrive the others. and when their ask to his welfare, he shal must confess his neglet.
So when he hear the sound of the goat he was really happy. Thinking the goat was trap in the thorn bush, he search his way. Than he stand eye in eye with Efrona and Masud. Never have he see a woman in that clothes. it was obvisious she was comes from a other country. Efrona look at him signing him to be silence. Stil she was affraid, Farao send his soldiers to search here, and to bring here back to the temple. so she shal be sacrefies any way. Even afraid, dirty, and messy hair. There was a glow around here. And when you where able to look in the special way. You can see that 2 angels with goldenwings and lightsword standing left and right behind here.
Whitout a word the boy nod his head, to show he understand. he take his goat and leave here in peace.
So Efrona exhausted from the run. Wel fed and the moment feeling she was safe, fall in a deep sleep. And the experience from this night runs in here head like a bad dream. She suddenly awake, feeling the sun in ful power makes here hot and weak. So she wakes up whit only 1 thought. Trinking. She looks to the baby in here arms. It is really a wonder he stil is alive. He also suffring, he try to cry but his voice is soft and like he have no power.
when she stand up to go to the waterpool and orientate hereself where to go. In front of here stand the young boy. He reach out and present bread and figs and garlik, also a bag with water, he also offring a big bowl of milk, pointed to the baby. When she feed the baby, light comes back in his eyes. And he start to move like baby’s suposse to do. she eat and trinks and also in here become the strenght. and finaly also the hope, that how impossible it was. now start to unfold like she hal find protection and sanctuary.
The big brother from the boy, comes look and make the sign to follow him. he place here with the child one a donkey and bring here to his fathers tent.
The God from good fortune is with here , because the same moment a tradescaravan have finish the geustmeal and the trading. their are bussy to saddle back their camels. Their reconise the dress she wear, as belonging to a templeservant. So really surprise their ask how she ended here. The father was a good old man, learning what was happens. He ask the tradesman to bring here to the city, to the house from his brother. Believing that unter his roof she find hospitality But before that he cal his wife to give here a other dress and also for the baby. So whenn she rides one a camel it shal look like she is one of them.

copyrights by margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com


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