Monthly Archives: July, 2013

the proof of reality/ i excist

How i can proof i excist? To you unbeliever.I sing, i laugh ,i dance, i feel pain, i cry.And than come you! Master? Swami? Cal yourself divine. You come with nice words and nice songs. And more words and more songs. Until the people have gift al the energy their got. And as hypnotyse , …

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Efrona conclusion

One the end i wanted say, it was divine guidance, our just coincident. mayor luck!! The truth is: i have write this and created. The scenario. So in this matter, i have play a moment God, and created a good fortune for the girl i love in mi head. For here compassion with the baby, …

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Efrona 5

I ┬án the meantime , the preparation for the ceremony’s where started. The priest and servants comes to search here and the baby. Not found one the right place, their search the templecompound, the gardens, than the neighborsstreets. And finaly also the family. So one the noon their started to believe the unbelievble, she was …

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