Efrona 5

I  n the meantime , the preparation for the ceremony’s where started. The priest and servants comes to search here and the baby. Not found one the right place, their search the templecompound, the gardens, than the neighborsstreets. And finaly also the family. So one the noon their started to believe the unbelievble, she was gone. In frenzy state the highpriest ask audience by the farao. He also have troubles to believe. So he give a group soldiers to go search, the neirby dessert.
But by the time their arrive the waterpool, she was already safe in the city. Their return with empty hands.

When Efrona was arrive to the house of the brother, and the tradesman give the explanation. The brother welcome here in house. Immidialithy the wife took the baby in here care, bade and feed him.
Laying one a soft matras he felt in a happy sleep. Efrona was stil not understanding the speaking. But a geust arrive. He also was a escape slave. so he speak with here, confirm that this nice people take here in as family.
Because their lost the only daughter, with the childbirth. The wife was fal in a deep sadness. The man was suffring because he was unable to comfort his wife. So now the brother have tought, she was a gift from their God. Because he was gifted with the special vieuw, he have see the angels one here side. So he have tought it was for the both benefit. Their where agreed to accept here as daughter and grandson.
Efrona was deep toucht by this explanation. After al the time she have find the protection and sanctuary she have search.
She and Masood stay living. And in time she start to love the son in law. So she take the full place from daughter in live and in heart.

copyrights margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com


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