Efrona conclusion

One the end i wanted say, it was divine guidance, our just coincident. mayor luck!!
The truth is: i have write this and created. The scenario. So in this matter, i have play a moment God, and created a good fortune for the girl i love in mi head. For here compassion with the baby, for here fine caractre to resist the corrupt highpriest. for here youth,beauty. i knew once in a past live somone like here was as a sister. Close to mi heart. She dont succeed the desteny from Efrona. She was capture one the gate, by trying to escape. it was here own child, their slaughter for us eyes. For a god so evil i have sworn never speak his name. To him silence. he is forgot.
The worst faith for a god. is nobody speaks your name, dont honour you, our pray to you.
More emptyness as a human, capture in the dark cellar. whitout a sound. Alone in darkness and emptyness.

Childrensacrifies, human sacrifies, sex orgies, and other decadent behaviour are a part of the history of the humanity from this earth. A part of the history that we al like to forgot.
The human sacrifies are stil happen in a other form, in war for greedy. Stil are animals sacrifies because people believe, it please the god. it start this way with gifts as fruits and juwerly, and ended with humanlives. So we be verry close to take 1 step from animal sacrifies to humans and children.
What kind of God create life, to kill it for pleasure? our are we not the image of the gods? But create we gods to us image?

copyrights margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com


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