the proof of reality/ i excist

How i can proof i excist? To you unbeliever.
I sing, i laugh ,i dance, i feel pain, i cry.
And than come you! Master? Swami? Cal yourself divine. You come with nice words and nice songs. And more words and more songs. Until the people have gift al the energy their got. And as hypnotyse , stop with thinking. So easy to manipulate. So al together one.
Mi live is a illusion , you say ! Not important ! complete days singing and serve you is better !!
I have cold, i have warm, i have pain, i have hunger, i be born, i grown up, learn to walk, to speak, to read, to write, drive a car. i have friends and family. I work so hard to help poor people, to protect animals.
And now you come to say its not important, because mi life is a illussion and not real?
A big temptation growns in mi brain. i stand in line, like the others. So you can touch me and save mi soul.
You ask me to kneel? I have no shoes but i got a walkingstick. So now its mi turn.
I place mi stick up your toe. ( héhéhé this old lady have stil a brain) Your face shows pain, and anger comes in your eyes. i and you look eachother as equals. I smile. i have just proof , the happening, the body is reality. If even you master, swami feel pain and anger. How shal feel the others who are not your equals as not important.?



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