A knight of the light

A knight of the light

A true warrior use his intelligence and control his temper to win the battle.
And of course his sword and the skulls to use it. Training and skills arise above the strength.

3 dark masters against 3 light-lords
Almost equal in power and strength. Their fight for the tree of light. and rules over the humankind and al likewise lifeforms. The question must be answered soon.
If evil not can be transform in love and compassion, our restrain in his works. 
When is the time we say: Destroy it.
speaking as Anckor supreme master of the triangle.

I Ephron : bow for you Anckor, I kneel as knight of the light, cariër of the golden light-sword.
Mi actions, mi hearts, mi lives. Are dedicated in service from the ethernit battle against evil. I shall go where you request. I shal live in places you decide. I shal accept names and faiths, who not belong to me.
With 1 goal for me eyes, and in mi heart. Light and mercy shal regain victory.
The place where the evil dwells shall be shrink to 1 atom, and be close and capture behind the gate.
I Ephron shal stand and protect. for al.
Just o master, o lord, o father. promise me. never to forgot me. And in times, send me signs and strength.
Si i never forgot what and who i am, and the goal i have. its the only way to succeed.
Please bless me now and place a mark in the heart of mi soul.

So he stand and rise Ephron , the archangel from the triangle. left his place as a knight, devoted to the victory from the light and mercy. To defend the reign from the triangle.
Farewel mi good friend, mi love and mi soulpart; In good fortune we shal have lives together, you and me as 1.
Stay close to me and we are both safe. Strong in remembering.
So we both have lives me and Ephron, one several places. Somtimes close to eachother. somtimes seperate by 1000 suns. This live, this moment is the lucky drawn. Already in each other view, ready to touch each other.
Soon we are 1, and rise with millions others. In front from the highest evil. ready to the final battle.
To us is the victory !!!!



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