next week: soulexspression

what can i say? people say so often, i have no time, is speak you tomorrow, next week, next month. Of course everybody start to us, i be their next week our next month. But after 2 time s to be death for a short moment, and many more times almost. I can not promise i shall be their next week our next month. Asthma is dangerous. one moment, it seems oke. The next moment i be busy with gasping breath and mi body go in alarm. mi heartbeat increase,mi ears give high tune, and in mi head everything freeze. Than softly i glide away, a moment later i be complete confuse try to think where i am, who i am. Their is a lot courage needed to live like this. a courage who is hidden deep away. so evryone comes and go, like i can think to next week, next month, next year. But today i found miself just not strong enough. To live and think this way. today it hurt me deeper and more as al the previous times. when their say. sorry i be to bussy, have no time. meaby tomorrow our next week.


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