the landing of the moguls

the landing of the moguls

In the past times,before the times counts. Their was a peaceful earth; people living in villages.
Whit out key ‘s one the door. No money, no criminality. Every evening, was the people bringing their harvest from the day, and the handcraft together on the market. The exchange goods counts in time labor.
The houses where equal on each other, adapt to the personal taste from the habitants. Their have a extreme long healthy live. So day by day, year after year passing. and live was in slow motion.
Than 1 day the sky was full of lighting, and the stars moving. Big silver globes falling out the sky and hit the ground, nearby a village. The ground tremble. In fear the people don’t know where to run. So the most freeze with the eyes one the silver globes. 1 of them opens a kind of door, about 15 big human forms step out.
Their wearing golden suits and are bold. the skin was green-brown with a shine one, if the sun was flashing them, it seems the skin was flash like a mirror. their steps to the village.
The moguls, take the reign. and with their arrival, the peace and happiness was lost.
When their amount and arrivals increased in number.. Their force the people to gift a big part of their foods and goods to them. The moguls soon decide who need to do, what kind of work, and who was allow to study. Free choice was taken away. Their forbid the education from the elders and introduce their way of thinking. very soon their stated to killing animals to eat, and drink their blood.
When the children grown up and raise their own children. And their children grown up and raise children.
Their forgot how it was in old day s ,difference from today. And their stand up in the gathering: asking:” Why are the moguls eating meat and we not?” “Are we less worthed as them?”

Compassion is hard to find in a world without freedom. When people are no longer equals. Their fight for their place, and close their hearts. and kill the love vibes. Because why shall a human have more compassion for a animal. if the Gods have no compassion with a human?

The moguls are no gods. Their just arrive shining like angels, in a artificial glow, but once their step out their robes. Nude their are beasts. Whit the desire to feed them self with fear and blood.
So why shall we as humans, try to please them? Whats glory is it to become equal to them? Its not a victory working as slave, but know you reach a hand to a weaker creature?
So WAKE UP out your dreams. Show you are children from the truth God.
And the human children split themselves in a group who bow for the mogul, and a group who give place to love and compassion.

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