a cry for the children

For how many children i still need to cry? It seems a madness falling in the mind from weak people.
Who need so little to set it in fire. Whit hate in their heart, they killing so easy. Why? Because the believe is difference. Until so far the civilization from the humankind.
When so many look up to the sky. hoping the ancient masters shall descend, to clean up and bring justice.
But al the time their standing, to look up and wait. They where able to make so many difference. their where in the power to change world. whit their prayers, with their voice and whit their actions. To create more awareness for so many wrong things. Their have know from it, before any other. And when their still standing in the emptiness , looking up and waiting full of hope. one the other side from the planet, increase the killing and the cruelty. By believers their glorifies their god with this actions.
And i feel the pain, and cry tears. mi weakness becomes mi strength. because trough mi eyes, trough mi tears, trough mi heart the alhighest see the actions. In mi pain and desperate powerlessness mind. he see in mercy and compassion.
And he shall not forget !

copyrights: margarethaverbraeken@gmail.com




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