mi incarnation soulexpression

Mi incarnation upon this earth,was mean as a special gift to humanity. The highest sacrifice a free light soul can make. after millions time circles free from incarnation.. To have found peace, enlightenment and unity with the complete universes.
But after waiting in the hall. For the right place and right time. In so many jumps i seek the live. But becomes murdered in the saves t place a unborn can be ” the mother-womb”. So no chance to see the light, our to take a breath. No chance to claim to take a place upon this earth. To own a body, so i can speak and share mi self in many ways.
So after many try s, i succeed. I become born. not the way i wanted. not the place, and not the time i wanted.
And also not the place where their wanted me. No welcome, a burden to the live.
So their cut mi wings,cover mi glow. call me strange, unworthy. Cripple mi mind. make me a prisoner from mi own life.
No welcome home, no love for me. Mi voice, mi calling drifting away with the wind. to fall in dry ground.
Shall i must wait, until the dessert give flowers, until she give fruits?

Can you o humans, who s claiming to be masters of the universe. But being only like toddles comparing to the eldery s souls. You who step one me and denied every chance to grown in mi power. that i after this life come again born ?
And with me are countless others, with similar story ‘s. returning to the soulgathering. Crying about a lost jump and a lost life. i plead you mi brothers and sisters.

Stop with killing us.



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